Can't see it can't be it. 

Women's sport is the future. We are in control of how near of far that future is. But the inevitable is, it's coming. Challenges facing women's sport involve a lack of visibility & societal understanding of opportunities women's sport holds. Marketing is the key to visibility growth & societal change of perception. We exist to provide a specialised service & support for brands, agencies, rights holders, teams & athletes looking to grow their potential in women's sport.
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For too long women's sport has been overlooked, cast aside, given minimal levels of respect and considered a 'hobby'. The past 5 years has demonstrated a glimpse of the huge potential women's sport holds. Whether it be Serena Williams capturing the attention of millions through brand campaigns or the Lionnesses breaking viewing records on prime time TV, the world is changing it's view of female athletes. Founder Flo Williams has the unique experience of both working in marketing for global brands & agency side but also a lifetime as a female athlete, experiencing this journey of women's sport at ground level, it was during this acceleration of growth that The Perception Agency was founded to be part of this change. 
Marketing women's sport is not simply a "copy & paste" exercise from traditional sports marketing. There are nuances, developments & experiences that are truly unique to this industry. The Perception Agency has expert understanding of both sports marketing but also the landscape of women's sport and the future potential it holds, estimated at a £1bn commercial industry by 2030. 
Women's sport has the power to change lives, business and society if it is nurtured, developed and innovated through marketing, The Perception Agency exists to facilitate this growth and be the change we want to see.