Irish Rugby Jersey Campaign

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This campaign came off the back of the 2020 launch of the new Irish Rugby jersey. Male players were used to model the men's jersey, whilst models were used to model the women's jersey. Why weren't female players enough to model their own jerseys? 


The twitter campaign took off and within days #enough/#IamEnough was UK wide trending. Social media was flooded with images of female rugby players from around the world, proudly wearing their kit, demonstrating their worthiness to be in the jersey.    

In response to the #Enough campaign, Canterbury changed their brand policy to always include female players in jersey launches.

The #Enough T-shirt was launched in collaboration with LooseHeadz. Support for this movement came in many forms from both partners & consumers wanting to represent their affiliation with the mistreatment of female athletes.

Not only LooseHeadz, but many mainstream media outlets wanted to cover the story, gaining press from Sky Sports, BBC Rugby Union Podcast, The Telegraph, Stuff.NZ and BBC Radio London. 

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'The biggest body image movement in the history of Women's rugby'

Fi Tomas, The Telegraph


Canterbury subsequently launched the Women's jersey with huge emphasis on using female players and sharing their stories. 

The Perception Agency held a Diversity & Inclusion webinar with Canterbury's global brand team, continuing to learn and develop around the marketing of women's sport.


This campaign truly demonstrated the new era of women's sport and set new standards of how to represent female athletes in the media.