The Professionalisation of women's rugby
- A research Study

The journey of elite women’s sport & specifically rugby is well underway and now approaching a new era of professionalism ⏭

This new era will reveal both huge opportunities & bumps along the way. The Perception Agency has partnered with academics from Salford University & Nottingham Trent University to develop the first research study into the professionalisation of women’s rugby to assist in the progression of women’s rugby off the field.

The findings of this study will be the only credible data source evidencing how the introduction of payment is effecting women's rugby and how best to combat difficulties & barriers along the way. 

The data will be able to positively impact the life of every female rugby player at the elite level for years to come, allowing their clubs to have access & insight on how best to manage this transfer from amateur to pro/semi pro sport. 

Alex Culvin PhD

Salford University

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Flo Williams

 The Perception Agency

Ali Bowes PhD

Nottingham Trent University