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If not now, when?

Corona Virus has created the biggest global pandemic of our lifetime. Sport, work, entertainment and education have all been put on pause. Not only has their been a huge loss of life but also the dent in our economy will be felt by many.


This dramatic change has provided opportunity. The gift of TIME.

Time we always wish we had, time for the things we never get round to. Time to reflect and plan for the future. Time to invest in yourself.

Although there may be impacts on our economy for a while, there is a common mindset that we are open to change, new ideas, new businesses and our new normal. So if you have a passion, an idea you never got round to, my question to you is, if not now, when?

Starting your own business and betting on yourself is relevant for female athletes because of the many characteristic overlaps.

⏰Both entrepreneurs & female athletes have to be willing to work outside the 9-5, in sport you often train before or after work, starting a business doesn't stop at 5pm.

🐠Both entrepreneurs & female athletes are relatively small fish in a big pond and you are working to build your reputation.

🤸🏼‍♂️Both entrepreneurs & female athletes must be flexible (not just physically) starting a business can allow you to create your own balance between training and work, which the conventional career path doesn't allow.

💭Both entrepreneurs & female athletes have to DREAM BIG. Sometimes you as a female athlete your dreams do not currently exist, we are entrepreneurs of our sport in a sense, leading the way as women's sport grows at an exponential rate. Starting a business often means creating your own goals that start as fantasy, I mean, who'd have thought sending tiny little yellow faces to each other would become the global language that is emoji's 😱.

Start your dream career today and place a bet on yourself. Create the life balance you've always wanted and achieve the goals that matter to you.

Whatever your industry, let us help you achieve it.

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